TRIP REPORT | Icelandair – 767 300 – Reykjavík (KEF) to New York (JFK) | Economy

Welcome to another trip report!

On January 27, I flew Icelandair from Reykjavík–Keflavík International Airport to New York John F. Kennedy International Airport. Icelandair is the flag carrier of Iceland, headquartered at Keflavík International Airport. The geographical position of Iceland is convenient for one-stop transatlantic flights, which are one pillar of their business strategy, along with traffic to and from the country. (#MyStopover) I hope you enjoy my Icelandair 767 Economy review!

Airline: Icelandair
Aircraft: Boeing 767-319ER (TF-ISN)
Seat: 29G (Economy)
Flight Number: FI615
Route: KEF to JFK
Flight Time: 6 hours, 6 minutes
Date of Travel: January 27, 2019

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10 responses on “TRIP REPORT | Icelandair – 767 300 – Reykjavík (KEF) to New York (JFK) | Economy

  1. Marcus LeeP

    Yeah, you say that small British Airways 318 that is All Business with like 34 seats…It sits 2 by 2. It flys JFK to London’s City Airport…That is nice..So, you are able to take a nap with the business class seating.. And of course a good meal at Business Class prices..Hehehehehe. Ok, again, you fly safe….

  2. Marcus LeeP

    JFK is so an international airport!!!!!!!You had some French speakers in front or behind you and your brother/friend…Nice…

  3. Marcus LeeP

    You two were making a comment at about 24:00 on your video? Was it about the bridge or the area there in the Hudson there….

  4. Marcus LeeP

    That is my Father’s city and he loves it there…Hehehehehe!!!! Thanks for the views here in your video….

  5. Marcus LeeP

    Yes!!!!! Look at Manhattan there by Central Park. It is so light up!!!! All those new buildings there. The ones already built and the other ones that are being build. Then looks to the left a little to see Lower Manhattan where the New World Trade Center is there. I remember when I lived in New York the old World Trade Centers 1 and 2. They were so tall for Lower Manhattan but they were great building. I had family and friends who work across the street from the old World Trade Centers. They worked in World Trade 3 and 4..You continue to travel. That is one of the best ways to help and educated yourself in the world. Different cultures and people that you become educated from…Yes, fly safe always…

  6. Marcus LeeP

    Those two aircraft can reach any where in the world….I flew the 757-200s from LA to Kona, Hawaii. Nice……I like your music for this trip…Fly safe always…

  7. Marcus LeeP

    Looks like a great trip there….Their 757-200s and 300s like so nice…..An yes the 767-300 is a great aircraft to fly…..