The Maiden voyage of the Conte Di Savoia

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In November 1932 she made her maiden voyage to New York. Unlike the Rex, she never made a record transatlantic crossing, reaching a best speed of 27.5 knots (31.6 mph) in 1933
Sadly she was bombed and lost in WWII

7 responses on “The Maiden voyage of the Conte Di Savoia

  1. Bethani the Wolf

    I love your channel because I get to find out about ships that I have never heard about.

  2. Dragon1954 SFS

    Looks like some sort of Italian Queen Elizabeth

    Still better than today’s giant containers

    1. White Star Line: Spare No Expense

      @Fox Star Line She was sleeker and more modern. I referred to her as the Count because Conte di Savoia translated is Count of Savoy.