15 responses on “Queen Elizabeth’s Maiden Voyage

  1. WSL 401

    A much better maiden voyage than her true maiden voyage, a fast dash across the Atlantic in 1940, painted in grey.

    1. WSL 401

      +Fox Star Line She was too quick for him. She wasn’t even a Blue Riband winner, since Cunard-White Star didn’t want two of their own competing against each other.

  2. G011d3n

    Another beautiful liner, her and Queen Mary are still the greatest Cunard liners ever built. (You are also in the list Caronia!)

    1. WSL 401

      +Fox Star Line Yes, and 1905 Caronia’s sister, Carmania, which sank the German liner Cap Trafalgar during WW1 in a fight that caused Carmania to catch fire and cause both ships lots of damage.

  3. TinLizzie1927

    Gotta love those announcer voices from the 40’s!

    P.S. I really like your new profile picture!